How did I do? 1 for CC

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How did I do? 1 for CC

I have been reading up on RGB histograms since my other thread. I have an idea of what it is now but I still don't get it too much. Not yet. I'm sure I will with practice though right? And help from you ladies Smile

anyway...last night DH took me out to dinner and after we went for a walk down this really cute street! I can't wait to go back! So many little corners to take pictures in. Biggrin The view is just great from there. Well, it was getting dark, the sun had already set so I had to set my ISO to 1600 :-? aperture 2.8 and SS 1/125. I tried to pay attention to the histogram this time. I believe I had it set to auto white balance. But I did a few changes in ACR, mostly exposure. In PS I opened up a levels layer and adjusted the midtones just very slightly though. And a soft light layer at 20% because I love contrast and saturation Blum 3 and then resized and sharpened for web....I can't wait to go back to this place on a nice day during the day....i just wanted to practice though. How did I do? I've added a screen shot of the rgb histograms. thank you.

I'm guessing it's not exactly in the middle because it was already getting dark. I didn't want to lower my SS or Aperture either.

here it is in ACR before any changes were made.

TFL! Any help would be appreciated Smile

ETA: How do you fix the color in a picture if one color is blown? Like, if I have a picture with too much red? I know a color balance layer might make it worse, as well as a selective color layer. I'm so confused on how to tone down certain colors. Been reading about histograms but the few pages I've been to doesn't really say how to fix it either in camera or in PS. :-?


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I think you did great! You've got that nice bell curve which is good. On your histogram, someone correct me if I am wrong, her sweater probably represents that little blown red. I thought you could do a quick mask layer of the blown part and then do selective color and adjust from there.

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oh Smile i think you are right! thanks for pointing that out. this rgb histogram stuff confuses me but i'm slowly getting it. Biggrin i am excited to learn this though if it means it will make me a bit better at taking photos.

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if you click the little triangle in the top right in ACR, it will flash red when you've blown any colors. that's how I know when a color is blown (or I mouse over and the blown color is 255)

That's a cute photo!!! I think you did good! And hooray for finding a cute street, can't wait to see more from it. Go get that driver's license! Lol

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The red channel is blown on her face (you can tell for sure when you run your cursor over it and look at the info window in PS but you can tell looking at it because it gets that reddish/orangey glow about it) it is not blown in your SOOC so to fix it properly you need to just go back to your SOOC and reprocess. Your original exposure is great! the "bell" section of the curve is on the left because she is sitting in a dark little corner. It could use a little more contrast and you could try bumping up the curve just above the middle if you really want to brighten her up a little but your edit here has gone too far and lost the red. HTH. BTW that is a fantastic smile lol I get those a lot from my daughter too.

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thank you! Smile i'll go back and see what i can do! i see what you mean now Blum 3 oops! guess i didn't see that.

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