How did I do? (studio light, pull back included)

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How did I do? (studio light, pull back included)

I am pretty much a natural light girl but with winter arriving FAST (my house is dark, all windows face the wrong way...d'oh!) and my band shoot coming up (should have been yesterday but had to rearrange as one of the members only went and had laser eye surgery on Monday :rolleyes:), I figured I could use some lights. I went for a cheap & cheerful continuous light softbox set. It was a PITA to put together, so I only used 1 to try out the other day. I tried some with and without a foamboard, trying to get the balance right. I would love opinions on these about the lighting (or anything else, lol!). I'm guessing I need to find some way to make sure their hair doesn't disappear into the darkness of the background.

Pull back: I did get Jamie to turn the foamboard \ instead of /

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You did GREAT! The light falling on their faces is soft and just look at those lovely catch lights!

You will need some kind of light to make dark hair not fade into your dark background. You can do this with a light falling on the background or a hair light gently lighting up the back of their heads. I personally prefer the hair light look, but I've seen lit backdrops that work well too.

TFS! I can't wait for to see what you get with the band shoot!


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I am clueless when it comes to studio, but I think you are doing great. Can't wait to see more soon!

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I like these!

Hair could use a bit of light behind them. I know nothing about studio lighting though. Catch lights are nice! not as strong in #2 but that just might be because of his hair Smile

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Ooh they look wonderful! Like others (and you) already said, just need a touch of light for the back of the hair.

This makes studio lighting look easy Smile I'll have to look at those softboxes online.

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Nothing to add that others haven't but I love these!! Catchlights are wonderful.

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These look really nice for a one light setup! A backlight or hairlight is what is used for that hair issue. You're giving me the studio bug! I really should get a few continuous lights so I have more options.

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I'm not great with studio light, in fact, practicing with it is on my list for this month. I haven't used mine since last spring. I think you did a really nice job here. But you're only lighting one person at a time, which is very different than lighting a group. For me, I don't mind hair that disappears into the background. But I've gotten plenty of CC that makes me think I should care. I just don't know about a hair light, ya know?

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Thanks everyone.

I am going to set up the other light today and practice at lighting all my boys (if they will play.... might have to be stuffed toys or something) Better start googling a 2 light set up!