How do you ladies do it?

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How do you ladies do it?

How are so many of your pictures so clear and sharp and bright? My pictures never turn out like that! Any advice?

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Practice, practice and lots of practice!!! I still have lots to learn. I go through my cameras manual over and over, read the tutorials, post pictures for cc, ask lots of questions, and practice some more!

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Yes, what she said. I need to do lots more practice. I take lots of shots at times and I'll only like about 1/4 of what I take.

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Lots of light and proper exposure sure help a lot.

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Yep, everything the ladies said above!

Practice, practice, practice and more practice. No amount of photoshop will give you a clear picture--what you need is good lighting, exposure, and focus. When those three things come together the result is beautiful!

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Ditto everyone. Lots of light and no pop up flash!

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it's a combination of proper technique and sufficient tools. practice refines both of those.