How does this photoshop edit look?

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How does this photoshop edit look?

I took some family pictures for my friends. They have 6 kids so I was trying to get the 2 youngest to look at the camera. Well when they did in the 2 good shots I have 2 of the older kids were kind of looking away or either the mom and dad wasn't looking at the camera. So I have been working on this pic for like a hour. I took the 2 kids from the first pic and put them over their pic in the 2nd. The 3rd pic is the outcome plus the edit. I haven't done a whole lot of this so I am proud of myself. I thought I would see if ya'll could tell I edited it or does it look good?

Pic 1. Mom and Dad looking away

pic1 by Nichole Coleman Photography, on Flickr

Pic 2 The 2 kids on the left not looking or eyes closed

pic2 by Nichole Coleman Photography, on Flickr

Pic 3 the outcome. Took the kids out of pic 1 and put them in pic 2

pic3 by Nichole Coleman Photography, on Flickr

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Great job, and I love the background too! The only funny thing, and it's nothing to do with you, it that the boy on right is the only one not wearing the family colors. It's like he just HAD to be different and stick out. Wink Hehheh.

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I would have never known you took them out of a different picture and put them into this one, so good job. Smile

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I think you did a great job! I opened it up in flickr to see the largest size and couldn't tell a thing!

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Great job on the head swaps!!

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Thanks ya'll! Yeah I wonder also why he wasn't in blue and white.

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Looks good to me, though it's hard to tell when it's this small.

Since you're messing with Photoshop anyway...You don't have to settle for a green shirt if you don't want to. LOL Private in flickr.

Untitled-1 by amberbella, on Flickr

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I agree, wouldn't have ever noticed, and I sooooo think it looks better with his shirt being blue. Great thinking Amber!

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i didn't think about doing that Amber!! I am giving the cd to them tomorrow so I will try doing that!

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That is a wonderful edit, you can't even tell.

I do like that Amber edited his shirt to match everyone else.

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great head swaps!!! I am seriously impressed!

and I love Amber's shirt edit.