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How to handle...

Ok I have a single mom who is a client of mine. I've made awesome deals with her for photo shoots including freebies, and REALLY cheap cd's of all pics done. Well she wanted some pics of herself and her niece recently so i charged her my regular session fee, which is only $20...then told her she could have the cd for $40...which is less than half my normla fee. I try to help her out because she is a single mom working hard. Well I put her pics up in a photo gallery for her to review, complete with watermark...but now she has gone onto said gallery and 'screen printed' every image, saved it, and posted it onto facebook. In this digital age i feel like half the reason people want photos is to put them onto facebook and share with people digitally. Not to mention the fact that the screen shots aren't calibrated or anything so they represent the actual photo HORRIBLY! I'm pretty annoyed by it and am about to email her and ask her to remove any images that I myself did not post onto facebook and tag her in. How would you guys handle this?

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wow, I would be upset also. Could you maybe say that with your other clients you have a contract that the photos can't be copied to facebook and you would not want anyone to see that she did it and think your playing favorites or something?
I know it might be best to just tell her but I know how it is if it's a friend and they might take it the wrong way? Sorry your having to deal with this.

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As she is a friend, and I assume you want to keep the friendship, I would tell her that the screen dumps make the photos look terrible and you are worried they will negatively impact on your business. I would tell her the ones from the disk will be much better quality and much more impressive. I would also say if she screen dumps them then others may do that and that would mean you are loosing income. It is expensive and time consuming to be a photographer and you really can't afford to lose business in this way.

If you don't care one way or the other about the friendship I would tell her she is infringing on copyright.