How are these looking?

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How are these looking?

I took the ones of Ruthie yesterday, and the ones of my little nephew at the baptism. I don't have the action to sharpen my pics anymore b/c I am on the new computer, but I am hoping to get it soon. Hit me hard ladies. I feel like these are off. What about the color too?

1. f/3.2, ISO-400, 1/2000

Ruthie field2-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

2. I feel like the color is off here...
f/3.2, ISO-400, 1/2000

Ruthie field 3-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

3. Her arm on the left (her right arm) looks it just me? What about the B&W?
f/3.2, ISO-400, 1/400

Ruthie floppy hat-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

4. Just loved this pose here.
f/3.2, ISO-400, 1/2000

Ruthie field-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

5. My sweet nephew. How does this look? I had to use my speedlight here, and I struggled.
f/3.2, ISO-1600 (realize I should have lowered it. My flash wasn't working at first), 1/80

Eli&Father-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

Thanks ladies!

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I think, overall, these are really good! I'm not calibrated and feel like I kind of don't have the eye for color yet, but I do think her skin might be a touch red. I think the focus looks good in all of them and I love all the poses! There is definitely something weird going on with her arm in #3, it looks fuzzy or something. Even though, I have to say #3 is my favorite!

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Sadie, I think these are looking good! Some of my favorites of Ruthie in a while!

I really like #1 a lot! Being nitpicky, I'd like to see the other edge of the bench, but it isn't a deal breaker for me. Smile I think the color looks the best in this one.

#2 - cute, but maybe a little cool? Or needs more saturation/contrast?

#3 - love the hat and her expression, but some weird haloing going on the left side of the photo - esp along her arm (so I guess her right).

#4 - I like this! Color doesn't look quite as good as #1 to me. Seems a touch soft.

#5 - I think this is a very good baptism picture!!! Also maybe a touch cool (a little blue).

Take all of my comments with a grain of salt because I am not calibrated and don't know what I'm doing most of the time!

eta: I JUST saw where you already said her arm was fuzzy, lol - no idea about why or how to fix!

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I would definitely say that the ones of Ruthie need sharpened, but you know that. The one of your nephew doesn't seem as bad though. I'm wondering if it's just seems "worse" the the color/wb is a little off. I'd say that the ones of Ruthie need warmed up. I LOVE her outfit! Oh, to have a little girl to dress! She looks like she's just a little model for you. Lucky!

#1 - I think I would have liked to see the entire bench in this one. So maybe just a little more space all around here.

#2 - This is so cute! Do you have any more room on the right side of the frame? She seems just a little too centered.

#3 - That hat is awesome!! Love that you got some light in her eyes here. Could you burn the background a bit where the top of her hat meets it? I'd like to see it stand out a little more than it does. I'd also be aware of the rim of the hat the next time, so you don't chop it. Yeah, I see what you're talking about with her arm. Not sure what's going on with it, if you didn't mess with it at all. I think I'd try just a touch more contrast in your conversion. But I'm still learning those myself, so take that advice with a grain of salt Wink

#4 - Love it! Did the focus fall on her feet? It's hard to tell at this size. What method of focusing do you use?

#5 - I think you did a really nice job with the speedlite! WB seems better here, but maybe just a little bit more warming up?

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Sadie, these are wonderful!

#1 is probably my favourite, because of her sweet expression. (She always looks SO darn sweet, I must say! She has a wonderful smile.) It does look a touch red to me.

#2 is sweet and genuine, but something isn't quite right for me. The colour seems a little off.

#3 is so adorable! LOVE the hat! Conversion looks good too. I guess the arm does look a bit off, though I didn't notice it till you pointed it out, so it wouldn't bother me.

#4 Love the pose and comp! Really cute.

#5 Great job with the speedlight. Looks good to me!

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I really like the first one. The color and exposure looks great to me. The only thing bugging me is that the grass behind her looks much more saturated than the grass in front of her.

I wish the color in the 2nd were more like the color in the first. #2 looks too cyan to me.

I love #3. I wish here head were up a little more so there was a little more light in her eyes under that big hat. The arm looks okay to's just soft because of the DOF.

#4 is very cute. Just wish there were more space on the top and right hand side of the photo. She's a little cramped up there in that corner.

#5. Again very cute and again a bit cramped. They need a little room to breathe there. I'm so bad at this myself, I always tend to get too close when I'm shooting. Beee