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Just thought I'd drop a little line to all of you. I know I haven't been around very much the past couple of months. The fantastic weather has kept me pretty busy with the boys...and my photography. I've had 4 sessions and more on the way. My Pastor still wants me to do the church directory, though I kind of just want to take the pictures and have someone else deal with the scheduling. I don't really have time for that, as I keep myself busy with editing and with the kids. My boys NEED outdoor time in order to keep them from killing each other. After school, we typically spend about 3 hours at the park or at a playdate with his school friends. It's been an amazing mood booster for me. But I'm thinking I need to start bringing the laptop with me so I can edit Wink I'm really trying to enjoy the good weather before it gets too hot to even go outside anymore. We moved here in August, and I swear we didn't get to play outside until October! It was 115 degrees Give rose the day we moved in. Not fun.

Anyway, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. I'm sure you'll see more of me as the weather gets hotter. I'm going to try to keep the kids busy with VBS at various churches so they keep from fighting too much. The trick is finding programs for Jackson. He's pretty mature for his age, so it's hard for me when I see they all start at age 4, because I know he's ready. Swimming lessons are already booked, and we have a vacation to plan for July. School will be here before I know it (at least I keep telling myself that so I don't go crazy thinking about the summer Wink ). Jackson will be going to school 3 days a week, so I will have a little more time on my hands until November. Then things will get crazy again! But at least I'll be able to practice my newborn skills lol!

As far as that goes, the pregnancy is going by great! Our parents still don't know, and my parents even made a visit last weekend lol! I should share a couple of belly progressions for you. I take the photos, but rarely have time to process them. My last appointment was on Wednesday, and Jackson was with me. He knew exactly what was going on, and even came home and spilled the beans to Carson at dinner that night. I just played dumb, and brushed it off. He hasn't brought it up since, so he must have forgotten. Our big u/s is on June 10th!!! I seriously can't wait! I'm bursting at the seams wanting to shout it out to everyone. I have told a few close friends, but that's it!

I will try to pop in a little more often. I feel like I'm only ever on my phone anymore, and rarely on the computer/laptop. So that makes CCing difficult. Not to mention, I hardly ever get a chance to process my own photos at the moment. I hope to get some on here to share soon. Maybe I'll make a point of that during naptime today. Smile

In the mean time, I did manage to get my Mother's Day photos uploaded to Flickr. Jackson wasn't too cooperative. Carson was all about getting his picture taken, but Jackson kept running away. And we were about to head out for our dinner reservations, so we weren't able to take our time with him. But I am impressed with what we did get! And that Drew used BBF, and there are useable photos! LOL!!

866A2907-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A2917-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A2924-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A2928-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Looking good, Steph! I like the pics, and good for you for getting some shots with YOU in them on Mother's Day!

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well and that big u/s is coming up. So exciting! Smile

I hear you about the VBS stuff. I had that problem last year. I think this year it should be OK (Micah is 4) but some of them around here don't let kids go unless they are entering kindergarten in Sept., and Micah will not be entering K till Sept. '14 because he's a Jan. baby. So frustrating, especially when he's able to follow directions, sit still, listen, etc. just fine.

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I LOVE the ones of you and Carson together! What a treasure!

The weather has been amazing hasn't it? I know we are enjoying every single minute of it! We got the kids a cheap swing set and it's been so much more fun for them.

As for Jackson spilling the beans! I can only imagine the shock on your face! I am so excited to see the little new one! I am dying to know what he/she is! How exciting! Smile

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I can't wait to talk about it freely in front of the kids. They are going to be so excited! Carson doesn't want a sister, though. He says he doesn't like girl toys Wink I'm sure that Jackson could care less, but would love to play with baby dolls from a little sister lol! I'm glad we are doing it this way, though, so we can just tell them what the baby is, and there will be no disappointment from them when they hear boy or girl. I just hope *I* don't get any disappointment when I find out its a boy Wink I know that God is going to give us what our family needs, and it might not be what I think we need. I do know that having another boy would save us a TON if money.........

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Really sweet pics! I am glad it's going well so far!

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So glad to hear your pregnancy is treating you well! Love the pics of you with the boys, especially the ones with Carson - you can tell he was into it this time! I got ONE pic of Loli and I together this Mother's Day. I'm thankful for that one though. Smile

I think I'm about as excited as I could be (without being the one who is pg) to find out the results of your u/s! And don't worry about the boys' reactions one way or the other. I can see Carson as the ultimate protective older brother - for a sister OR brother. Biggrin

Glad to see you in front of the lens!

Take care,

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Steph - these are absolutely fantastic!

How are you liking the camera now?

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I know what it's like trying to find a good program for your kids, Natalie has been in Montissori since she was 18 months, now she is 4 and most of the summer programs she'd do well in are for 5 and up I know she can do it but they don't like to enrol them young.

Share the belly pics even if un-processed.

Love the Mothers day pictures they are beautiful!