Hubby is mad at me :(

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Hubby is mad at me :(

So I posted a pic to fb and tagged him in it. Kaci asked me what lens I used and I made a comment about how I get annoyed with my camera because I can only buy the lenses that have autofocus built into the lens (Nikon D5000). Well, that IS annoying, right?!
I didn't realize he'd be notifed at each comment, oops! He came downstairs and lectured me for 5 minutes about not needing a new camera. Oyyyyy!

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Ooops! My DH, the other week, was saying he doesn't see any need to get a DSLR that also does video. He went on and on about it, even though I never even said anything to him about it (I'm very happy with my D200). Anyway, he took a video with his P&S Panasonic, which gave really horrible auto white balance, and now he's all "maybe we should get one of those SLRs with video." He's so silly--and a total tech nerd.

So I guess my point is that your DH might change his mind if he gets some benefit out of it too. Mine is all about More Power (insert Tim Allen man grunt).

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hahaha Tim Allen, I loved Home Improvement! silly men! LOL

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Smile Love the Tim Allen reference!

I don't think he'd ever ever see the need for any sort of upgrade where the camera is concerned. Ever. I'm not even close to getting a new camera though, it'll take me a while to get to that point. I tried to explain to him that I was just expressing my frustration that not all the lenses are compatible with the camera. He told me I should have done more research before I bought it and to deal! Haha! I think he's scared I'll buy a new one and try to hide it from him like I did with the D5000. I guess it's partly my fault! :devil:

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My husband is always looking at the ads for DSLRs (we just have a P&S) and I SOOOOOOOOO desperately want one, it drives me nuts. But he just likes to look to see what's out there -- we won't be able to afford one for a long time. So I don't know what's worse, having a husband who wants to buy one but won't, or having one that refuses to even talk about it. Biggrin

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Hahaha sorry Erin! You got busted!

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I understand the frustration. When we went to buy my DSLR, we bought the best quality one there at the time. Randall (DH) has no clue what is out there. He thought it was the best Nikon out there. It's a mid-grade one, the D90. So, he was blown away when later I told him that I want a full frame camera that can handle HIGH ISO. He thought I had the best and was hurt, but I made him understand! Men are funny!