I was accepted into PrePro!!

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I was accepted into PrePro!!

I'm so excited!! Thank you to everyone who gave me CC on my set, and also just a big thank you in general because this board is awesome. Smile The reason I've been so MIA is because I've been working my tail off trying to really come into my own style, and really just improve on the basics. It took me two tries, but the first one definitely pushed me to be much, much better.
Just wanted to share. Smile

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CONGRATS!!!! Such a big accomplishment, congrats to you and all your hard work! I never CCed your set, because I'm not able to see things yet myself to be able to offer any help, but I looked at your set many times and it was just lovely. Yahoo

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Woo Hoo!!! Congrats! Are you going pay to join the board over there?

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Amber, yeah, I already did. I really need a place for business ideas. I figured I'll try it for 6 months and see how it works out.

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Congratulations! Your work is amazing!

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Yahoo That's great! CONGRATS!

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Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment and you should be very proud! WTG!

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Congratulations! I hope to someday be able to join as well, but have a LONG way to go, and lots of practice and learning to be done first. Hope you learn lots more!

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That is awesome! You have an incredible eye and really are coming into a cool style of your own.

KUP on how things go!


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That is awesome! You have an incredible eye and really are coming into a cool style of your own.

KUP on how things go!


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YAY!! It's about dang time they let you in! Congrats. Smile

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Awesome - I knew you had a good chance. CONGRATS!

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Fantastic news!!!

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Yay! You really deserve it! Love your work!

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Congratulations! I'm not surprised, it was a great set! You totally deserved it! Smile

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Congrats Erica. You truly deserve it!

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that is awesome, congrats! hope you continue to stick around and post with us, I've enjoyed seeing recent posts from you.

and I've had your prepro set up in one of my tabs ever since you asked for CC, I feel bad that I didn't get to it. I'm so behind on everything. Sad

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Congratulations Smile

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YEAH!! Congrats! That is awesome!

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Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate all the support! Smile

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Congrats! That's very exciting news and I hope you get lots of answers for your business questions that help you go far- you certainly have the talent!