I am SO freaking morbid I swear! (not for the weak)

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I am SO freaking morbid I swear! (not for the weak)

My hand spilt again today due to swelling its 130 am and I am typing with my left hand. not fun. It split again, so now when I look down I see this:

I can see my blood vessels, tissue layers etc... I got out of the bath and passed out cold. Pretty crappy. so now I am waiting on a stupid ride to the stupid hospital to get stupid stitches. I think the reason this thing keeps popping open is because the stitches were taken out too early.... ew nasty huh?

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As I said on facebook Ow!!

Hope it gets better soon. Have they tried superglue yet?

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Urgh, you are just NOT having luck with that hand. Hope it heals up quick!

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OMG.... THat is awful! I hope that the drs get it figured out soon, you have been dealing with this LONG enough! You poor thing!

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Yowch! :? You are so funny taking pics of it, though. I'd probably be too much of a wuss to even look it if I were you!

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Good Lord that looks painful! I'm sorry you are STILL dealing with this! I hope they get you fixed up soon!

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oh, that sucks!

my chin split open after a fall about 12 years ago ... they took the stitches out too early and I had to sit in an ER to get stitched up again. (and talk about memories, the guy I was seeing dropped me off there but he had to get back to pilot school ... and we never got together again after that - see what you just dredged up! :lol:)

Sure hope you heal fast, your poor hand!

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Yikes..that looks so painful! Hope it heals quickly.

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ouchie!!! i remember you posting that you hurt yourself....but refresh my memory (its bad) what happened again? ... i do hope you heal up fast.