I braved manual mode...

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I braved manual mode...

I've been trying to make myself use manual mode for my snaps - just getting the camera out every single day to do it. I didn't note down my settings for these, I was just playing around, but I'm pretty pleased with the way things are starting to turn out. There are still a LOT coming through on the wrong exposure or blurry (because I try so hard to get the exposure right then forget the focus!) but when it goes right there are some I'm really pleased with Smile

C/C welcome Smile sorry for no setting info!

ETA sorry about the size - I tried to resize but they're still showing up HUGE!

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You faired well, good job!!

I like the comp of #1. I would probably have shifted the focus to more the middle of the flower instead of the petals, but that's JMO. I also would like to see the middle of the flower a bit brighter. But, nice bokeh! #2 doesn't really do anything for me. The focus fell on the sand beside the child's foot. I also would like to see a different comp on this one. The colors in #4 are pretty, but he focus fell on the leaves below the flowers, not on the flowers themselves. #5 is neat! I've never seen a flower like that and the color is wonderful. I would probably just brighten it up a bit.

Keep on at it!!

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Hey Lizi!

Well done for putting it in manual!! I found the best way to learn was to practice every day! Now I am back to the begining with a new camera with different controls, lol! I can still get it very, very wrong! Just as an example, here is a pic I took of Zack 2 weeks ago.... LOL!

I think the best of the bunch is the 1st and last shot. I LOVE sunflowers and thistles though! Keep practicing and make sure you keep coming back and posting, it honesty is the best way to learn!

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good for you for jumping in with manual. it's so worth it. practice practice practice. I practice every day. Smile