"I can't print these - they're professional..."

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"I can't print these - they're professional..."

Hahaha! What a call!

I placed a quick order for the grandparents of some 4x6's through Walmart yesterday (shame on me but I was out of time). I got a call from the photo center this morning and it went something like this...

"hello, is this Judy?". "yes it is". "we received your order for the prints... These are awfully nice pictures. Are they from a professional?". "yes ma'am, I took them. I'm a photographer.". "you are? Because there are copyright laws and I can't print these unless you took them". "yes ma'am, I AM the one that took these.". "Well, ok, but I need you to sign a release when you pick them up..."

Hahaha! She still didn't believe me! I'll have to bring some proof when I go to pick them up


(sorry if this is hard to read - working from my iPhone right now)

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I love it when that happens!

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Makes you feel good huh? Glad they were worried!

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That's awesome! It's nice to know that they are protecting your work.

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That is so cool!

You should be proud of yourself Biggrin


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That's great! Smile