I don't like the kitty Mummy!

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I don't like the kitty Mummy!
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i saw that ... so funny Smile Your dog looks a bit jealous and I just love how the cat doesn't react to his barking. Most kitties would hiss or run away. Smile I guess the poor little kitty has gone through much worse that a barking dog doesn't really get to him anymore. I'm glad you've given the sweet kitty a home Smile btw your dog is so cute! I want one just like him!!!! Biggrin :D

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Rylee and I both enjoyed that. I think Rylee was a little afraid for the kitty, but obviously the doggie is all bark and no bite Smile And boy does he listen well! LOVED the kitty perspective at the end.

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oh, my! that's fun!!! I'm going to giggle about that all day. Biggrin


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So funny! I love how you rescued him. He's so lucky you were there for him.