I feel like these aren't right

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I feel like these aren't right

I forgot to change my WB on these when I took them, so they were blueish SOOC. I went in PSE and messed with them, but they look a little off to me. I was wanting to use one to print and frame for my mom for Christmas. What do you think? Maybe I'm looking too far into it, and they look fine.

Exposure 0.006 sec (1/160)
Aperture f/4.0
Focal Length 55 mm
ISO Speed 1600

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#1 looks a bit better than #2 and #3. They still look a bit cool to me. Really cute though! Biggrin pretty blue eyes and a cute smile!

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I think they are still cool. #1 is the best though. Is he pale though? Sometimes it's really hard to edit the pale skin.....

What a PRECIOUS smile! Good luck with that when he's a teenage boy! Wink

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I agree, they just look a tad cool. All three are adorable.

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His skin is a little pale-er. I'm going to mess with one of them again, and repost.

What actions do y'all take to correct color?

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they are cool. an easy fix that might help is to add the photo filter. there's a couple of warming ones in PSE, and you can play with the opacity of the filter layer to get it right.

very cute, your mom will love them!

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Here's a quick play, fixed WB in ACR and added a little pop.

5258686202_7e6b5f5f20_z by Andie7a, on Flickr

Its a really cute pic just needed a little warming and oomph.

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A bit cool to me too, but super cute. Your mom will think they are great even as they are!

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Andrea's play looks GREAT! And your mom is going to LOVE these regardless! He has such amazing eyes and you really make them shine in these photos. Smile


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VERY cute shots! I think they look ALMOST perfect already, just need a SMIDGE of warming. I think Andie's looks great except the lips & ear tips are a tad too pink to me.

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just a little warming will make them absolutely perfect! what a gorgeous smile!

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How do I warm it up without messing up his blue eyes? I'm so photoshop dumb!

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Okay, how's this?

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Much better!

I would also add some contrast via a curves layer or with some defog (unsharp mask filter with settings amount: 20%, radiusL 50 pixels, threshold: 1 and then adjust to taste), and maybe a slight vingette, but that's a personal preference of mine.

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I feel like your new edit is too warm. There's a strong yellow/orange cast to the photo now.

I hope you don't mind my play. It's private in Flickr and I can take it down when asked.

Added a warm layer and took it down to 14% and then did an air brush under his eyes at 48%. Ran a very light defog action.

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