I fixed my lens!!!!!

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I fixed my lens!!!!!

Hey girls, I have not been on since I had Cain but I had to tell you all I fixed my lens. Not sure if you remember me posting about my 50mm breaking in 2. Well I still had it all this time since fixing it cost more than the lens itself. Yesterday I went online and found a link on how to disassemble it and an hour later my lens is working like new!!!! I found that this happened with a ton of the 50mm's so I thought I would post this to let you all know if yours breaks don't toss it. Here is the link Biggrinhttp://www.ejarm.com/photo/ef5018iidis/

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Great to hear good work.

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Thanks for sharing! I am glad you're back... now post some photos of your new little one and adorable kiddos!

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YAY Tia! Can't wait to see some photos of your gorgeous kids!