I found trees! 3 for CC

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I found trees! 3 for CC

The same hot day as the train pictures, I made DD put on a sundress and we went to check out this pecan orchard. It is flood irrigated (like my beautiful field from ages ago) and full of mosquitos, so we had to shoot fast on the very edge of the grove so she didn't sink in the mud.
ALL are ISO 100, f/2.8-3.2, SS 1/320




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I like them all so far! What a great model Smile these have pretty bokeh too.

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oh i am loving these!! she is beautiful!

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I can't imagine seeing all that green this time of year (everything is yellow and brown here due to the heat killing everything).

1. I love the contrast in colors between the cool greens of the background and the splash of summer colors in her dress! Her eyes look awesome and I love the breeze blowing her dress. It creates a real sense of motion to the shot.

2. LOVE her expression here and the use of the trees as a trailing line. Something about her expression just screams TEENAGER to me. Wink

3. This is my favorite. She has such beautiful eyes ... I love seeing them up close. I'm not sure what that is just below her ear (a reflection off the earring or something?). The bokeh is creamy and perfect. She's in sharp focus. I truly love this one!

TFS, Beth!!


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My fav is number 3! She is so gorgeous! Great location too!

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These are great! Great location and beautiful model!