I gave in and bought

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I gave in and bought

My kid's school pictures. The background was nice, but the quality wasn't as good. I bought them so he can remember his preschool days Smile

Anyone else gave in?

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my kids aren't school aged but i HATE that my SIL displays her kids school photos and not the ones that i take. they're just awful.

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I did too! DD has been in daycare/preschool for 3.5 years now and they take pics 2x a year, they usually come back awful. This was the first time it was decent. Eye contact, smile, decent background, so I figured I might as well!

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I might someday end up giving in. If the prices aren't too ridiculous anyway. Just so that my kid won't feel left out Smile

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When DS is in school, I'll definitely be buying the cheesy school pics! It's all part of the fun Smile

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Last year I thought it would be weird to, but now that she's in school I'm looking forward to getting a picture that doesn't involve me chasing her all over and then her giving me the grumpy look!

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i bought them too, just (2) 5x7s and some exchange ones that she handed out to her friends. how can you NOT buy the school picture? i just think they look so cute 'at school'... they definitely have a different look to them then when you take the picture, I think.

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Bought them here too. My pics aren't as good as yours though. Wink I too want her to remember her "school" days.

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I always bought at preschool. They had some really good people doing the work.

I bought kinder pics, but since then, I have only gotten the class photo each year (DS is in 2nd grade now). the person/company they have doing the photos is TERRIBLE! Snaps w/ the onboard flash w/ DS on my dining room table are better, complete w/ the orange cast everything gets in my dining room.

I do however, break down and buy the "year book" from Loli's school. So I do get a copy of the official school photo. It's better in b&w anyway. Blum 3