I got in!

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I got in!

I got in to prepro on ilp! Thanks so much to all of the ladies here! This board is my original place of inspiration, and I have learned so much from everyone here. (and am still learning) Special thanks to Amber who gave me such detailed CC and really helped improve my set, you are awesome, that was exactly what I needed! Yahoo

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congrats! now off to go find your set...i missed seeing that one! Smile

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That's awesome, congratulations!

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That's way awesome!!! Congrats!!

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No surprise, but CONGRATS all the same! You truly deserve it and I know you will continue to grow as an amazing artist.


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Well YA! We already knew you would! Smile CONGRATS!

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You totally deserved it!! congrats!!!

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Congratulations! Smile

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That's so great to hear! I love your work!

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Hooray! Congrats.....your work is beautiful and there really was no doubt you'd get in.

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Thank you ladies :icecream:

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I thought I had replied but woohoo. congrats!

That place is just way too busy for me.

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