I got my photoshop, hurrah!

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I got my photoshop, hurrah!

CC is, of course, welcome - but I know I have a lot of practising to do, but I followed the tutorial from the sticky (THANK YOU) and this is my first ever go on photoshop, and I'm really pleased with it Smile In a years time when I look back at it I'll probably be less impressed Wink but right now I am happy!



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it's fun, isn't it? I just had to show my DH this because that is THE cutest smile ever Smile I like how the after looks softer.. the only (picky) thing I noticed is now the darks look a tad washed out. See how the stripes in the before look darker and the stripes in the after are a little faded looking. Keep it up.. Photoshop takes time to understand even the basics, good for you for jumping right in!

You really did a good job actually, so this is Just a quick play: I did was a +8 in blacks on a selective color layer.. it pops back in the darks just a little

very subtle difference from yours..

(it's private in my flickr but I can take it down if you'd like)

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Oooh I like that - I didn't do anything to his clothes after I did the softening I was too busy trying to do his features neatly! Is that done on the colour slidey scale? (technical terminology there Lol )

He was grinning because I was blowing raspberries - apparently that's the funniest thing EVER

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really cute! Smile i like your after. one extra thing you could do is brighten up the photo a bit. it's a little underexposed but you could easily fix it Smile

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How cute! And good job for a first start PPing. You'll have a lot of fun with photoshop! Smile