I got it! Now what?!

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I got it! Now what?!

Got the Nikon D3100 w/18-55 and 55-300 lenses. I'm brand spanking new and have NO IDEA what I'm doing.

The two things I've learned from stalking this board are 1. practice, practice, practice and 2. Manual Mode.

Can you give me your best beginner tips and links to any tutorials or sites that you think would be helpful?

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Read your manual!
Read Understanding exposure
read your manual
read Understanding exposure again
practice some more again

It's all about the light so make sure you have plenty!

Enjoy your new camera!

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I think there is still a basic tutorial in the sticky here.
But i agree with Cazz on all her suggestion.

Congrats on the new toy!

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Know how to read your light meter. Biggest tip I can give, since that's something that I didn't pay attention to for the longest time, and wondered why my pictures were always underexposed. Understanding Exposure is a good book. It gives you a good grip on how all your settings work together.

Have fun! Be prepared for a new obsession Wink

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I agree with all the above! Smile CONGRATS