I have a website!

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I have a website!

It is still a work in progress, but I am proud of myself for getting this far!


BTW, I am aiming to move towards a business in the next year or so... this is a step in that direction without having to deal with the money, taxes, insurance, etc. Because I am NOT in business, there is no pricing section and since I don't have a photo of myself (on my to do list), there is no "About the Photographer" section...

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I love your photos!!

Especially the ones of the twins in the basket, too cute.


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It looks great! YAY for starting out!

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it looks GREAT! Have fun as you prepare for this next big chapter in your photography life!


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looks good nice and easy to navigate.

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Beautiful website, I agree it is easy to navigate, a huge plus in my book!

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very cool!