I just love Fall (aka Autumn)

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I just love Fall (aka Autumn)

These are from today.









9. my little guy who "assisted" on the shoot

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What a cutie!! I think she has the same earrings as my DD.
I love the beautiful fall colors in these pictures!

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Perfect colours!

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#8 is too cute Smile

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If I were her mom, I would eat up #8!!! Adorable.:)

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I LOVE them!! the colors are amazing!!!
and I have the same baby carriage! lol! I got mine at a yard sale. WHere did you get yours? it would be nice to know where it came from! lol!! I got mine for five bucks!

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Mandie - I got mine at a flea market for $4! Such a good purchase.

This baby is my niece. My sister brings her every month for a session. This was her 4-month-old session. Each session we do a few in the carriage to watch her grow. I do a "feet-sticking-out" shot each time as well. We'll be doing a book for her after her first year and I can't wait to do that spread. She's a teeny tiny baby - most 4-month-olds can't fit into that carriage. Wonder how much longer we can squeeze her in. Hopefully for the 5-month and then she can sit up in it in the 6-month.

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loving the fall shots! gorgeous color!

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Aww, Esti! She's gorgeous and I love Benny! Smile