I just wanna take some pictures!!!

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I just wanna take some pictures!!!

I am dying to get out and take some pics, but it just never seems to work out for me!!
I was supposed to take some of my friends little boy, but that never worked out and today I planned on going to the botanical gardens while my little girl was with the sitter, but I had too much other stuff to do. The is nothing in my yard or within walking distance to shoot and it's driving me crazy. How am I ever going to improve if I don't practice?
Okay sorry, rant over.
This is the only place I felt it might be understood LOL.

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I totally feel the same way! I want to get out there and practice, but there is never the time. My 14 month olds aren't that great to practice on since well, they just don't stay still. UGH. Maybe I'll practice on some of the weeds in our yard!

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I know it can be frustrating...went though the same thing. Smile But practice on anything...stuffed toy, plants, flowers. You don't need a human to practice getting exposure and focus better. Smile

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I know!!! If I don't set aside my time on Fridays and for my photography class, I don't do it. I've found I just go along with my DD and capture what ever it is she's doing. I sometimes direct her to the front bedroom where it has amazing light just to play in there Smile I hope you find more opportunities!!

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I totally understand what you mean. I have felt that way for a very long time, pretty much since i got my camera. My 'journey' has been a slow one so far for that very reason. I've found that the only way to get practice is to obsessively MAKE it happen... I plan, plan, plan. Otherwise I end up with some snaps of my son running away from me, at best. :bigarmhug: I hope you get some opportunities to practice soon Smile

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I totally understand! I get really antsy when I want to get out with my camera and can't, or the kids are being uncooperative, or the weather is bad... yada yada yada!

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Yes I get that way sometimes!