I LOVE my hubby!

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I LOVE my hubby!

Saturday, we were headed into the city to pick up a tshirt and cd I won off the radio...NERD....I know! Dirol On our way there, Randall announces that we are going to get my b-day present. As you know, I posted a while back asking for advice on what to get with $150. Well, I never decided b/c he said I could wait until taxes and get a speedlight.

Turns out, he had it planned that we were going to Best Buy and picking up a speedlight! I was so nervous b/c I know NOTHING about speedlights. I picked up the SB-600. Yahoo It's for my birthday! He's so sweet. We really didn't have the money, but he knew that I have wanted it for a while. I want to be able to take better photos inside. That's the main reason. We have CRAPPY natural light in my house, and I am tired of taking photos inside on auto.

I haven't read the manual very well b/c there is a lot of info in there. Any websites/books for advice? These are a few I have taken. I love it b/c it looks sooooooo much better than auto! Even though I know I am not doing it correctly! These are just snaps...no need for cc, but I would like cc on exposure...

Oh, how in the world do you meter for these things? I can't go above a shutter speed of 1/200. Why is that? It was on 1/4 power.

Yes, I know there are pinlights on this one, but the lighting is so much better! And...he's too cute!

bubeatingweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

I got a new free phone, and they love to roll the dice on it.

bubsturnweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

Ruthie likes to scroll through and check out the pics.

sisphoneweb by sadiequalls, on Flickr

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How exciting!!! I was the same way with wanting a speedlite. The lighting in this house is so crappy!

Now, you figure it out, and tell me how to use it Wink I'm really starting to struggle with it!

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Ahhhh, I'm so excited for you! Sounds like your hubby is pretty darn awesome! I just posted how a friend is letting me borrow her SB600 to test drive it, so I'll probably be pestering you about this, haha!
Have fun learning with your new toy! Smile
And that's a lot of exclamation marks...easy, Erin. Smile

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CONGRATS SADIE!!! Though I still have not learned to use my speed light correctly, I love mine (also an SB-600) too!!!

Your max sync speed with the SB-600 is 200, so you won't be able to raise your shutter speed above that, but you really shouldn't need to.

Looks to me you are off to a great start. I try to find windows off of which to bounce my light when possible as it gives a nice natural glow. When I can't do that, I try to bounce off the ceiling.

Ken Rockwell has a fairly decent write up to get you started using your speed light:

Best of luck and enjoy your birthday present!


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What a great guy you have! And Happy Birthday too!

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Awesome! What a sweet hubby Smile

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What an fantastic hubby you have! Having a speedlight opening up the doors to all sorts of opportunities you won't have had before, so have fun learning. As for the pics, I have to laugh as my toddlers favourite thing in all the world is to play on my ipod, he's pretty darn good at it too! He especially loved to flick through the photos I have on there.

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Randall ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats. Happy flashing Smile

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So excited for you, good job Randall!! Wish my DH would take a hit every now and then Wink

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congrats!!! I'm sure you're having loads of fun with it Smile