I need pp suggestions pretty please!!

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I need pp suggestions pretty please!!

I have a shot I took of my Grandparents today. The main focus is meant to be my Nan, she has alzheimer's and dementia and is deteriorating rapidly and is losing weight fast. Inspired by TracyF, I wanted to make sure I have more photos of her.

Now that I have a shot, I am not sure what to do with it, I feel quite overwhelmed and emotional right now. I would love suggestions or plays. The stuff in the background is distracting. Somehow my Nan being so serious reflects how I can imagine she feels not being able to express herself and how I feel about how much she has changed recently

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Kerry ...

I lost my paternal grandmother a bit over a year ago to cancer and I have a photo similar to this (in expression anyway) that I took about 4 months before she passed. I can understand the need to have these photos.

I love what you've captured here. The background is a little distracting, but even so, your Nan dominates the image (as she should) and you don't notice it much.

However, if you take some time, you could clone out the curio cabinet and phone on the table. I did a very VERY quick pass at it and got this result:

(this is in a private album and I can take it down if you like - just say the word).

You can tell I cloned, but I thought it would give you an idea of what you could get if you worked at it. I also did a slight curves adjustment and burned the edges a bit (but that was mostly to hide my sloppy cloning).

Savor the time you have with her.


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GiGi, thank-you! Your cloning skills must be way above mine, lol! I will have a tinker around with it once the kids are in bed and see how I get on. I really like the curves adjustment, makes it look softer somehow, which is what I was trying to achieve earlier but everything looked wrong, guess I was being a little hard on myself

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That looks great GiGi, the same thing that I would have done....you could also make it into a portrait crop too....

Big hugs for you, Kerry.

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I so wish I had taken more photos of my grandma at the end. I'm glad you got your camera out. She does look very serious, but it's a really poignant expression somehow. I have no advice about "fixing" the photo, but just think it's awesome that you took it. Cherish the time. Even with Alzheimer's (my grandma didn't have Alzheimer's but her mind was mostly gone), you can still hug them and love them and make sure they know they are loved.