I need to start collecting equipment...

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I need to start collecting equipment...

for weddings! I'm booked for one so far for next year and after assisting/2nd shooting 30 weddings with an awesome photographer over the last 2 years I've discovered the importance of having 2 sets of gear. Excited about the weddings, stressing a bit about getting the equipment!

I know I need another camera body, I need to pick up a wide angle and a zoom. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford the price of the 17-55 or the 70-200 so I'd love some suggestions for others that rock (and I'm not adverse to shooting all primes). I'll also have to pick up another SB flash as well, a video light, and a whack of memory cards (I'll probably need to get about 30 more GBs on 4's or 2's).

So, if in the next few months you happen to notice an awesome sale and happen to think of me, please pop me a message. I'd be ever so grateful!!! I was intending to start taking a salary this September, but most likely it will be pushed back a year - so any help with equipment scouting would be eternally wonderful!