i need your help

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i need your help

ok, please understand that i do not want a lecture about this because all it comes down to is that i am helping out a friend. i just want a little advice.

a friend called me and said that her cousin is getting married and needs a photographer. my first instinct was to tell her no but then she explained further. the wedding is on sept 5th and they don't have anyone to take photos. the couple is in their late 40s and it's going to be a small family wedding. they have been dating for 25 years now and have just decided that it's time to make it official.

basically, if i don't do this for them, they won't have anyone to take pictures. they don't want formal portraits or anything, just candid shots. i am still mulling it over but i think i'm going to say yes. i just don't want them to go without any photos. that would be heartbreaking to me.

anyway, i know wedding photography takes a lot of time and energy. there's preparation, the day itself and the editing afterwards. the photos i took at the wedding a few months ago took hours of editing. so my question is, what, if anything, would you charge for your time?

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"AmberBella" wrote:


thank you amber! Wink

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I'm sure you'll do great and they'll be happy with the results


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that's exciting!!!! I bet you'll have fun doing it. Smile

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Good luck!:D I'm sure you will do great!

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make sure you have a good contract in place. Even when you're doing someone a favour and if they seem like the most wonderful people, you just never know what you might end up with!