I promise, no more today...

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I promise, no more today...

but wanted to get some opinions on a new logo/watermark

My BIL's are slow at work and know that we can not afford to buy a custome one, so they are being kind enough to help me out with a new logo.
I am already going to have them make the outline a solid line, but what other suggestions do ya'll have?

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I think it's a good start... that's so nice of them to help you out!
I'm not liking the frame at all - I say lose it completely. I think the logo is substantial enough on its own. I like the font they used on Kelly Beans, but don't like how the l's are overlapping the e and eachother. All the other characters are spaced a bit, these should be too. I am thinking the font for Photography should be a little simpler to really let the jelly beans stand out. I would also like to see it to the right of the y in Kelly. It gets a little busy and confusing with the overlap. Hope that helps - just my thoughts Wink

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I love that font, that's the one I use too. I like the border, but maybe in color, not black.

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I like the border too, as well as the font. Kelly Beans seems kinda scrunched, but other than that I like it!

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Kelly, it's cute. I love the jelly beans in "photography". It's nitpicky, but I'd like the frame to be tighter around the words. kinda like it's hugging the words, ya know?

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I love the jelly beans in the word photography too. I am not a fan of the border either. You could follow the theme and have the border a jelly bean shape as well.
I don't like the y over the 'o' jelly bean but the concept works and I like the fonts in both.

Great start!

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I love the jelly beans in the letters too. So much so that I want them to really, really stand out. This logo is cute, but it is busy busy busy to me. I'd like to see a simpler font, and a solid border (which I know you already have covered.) - Possibly no border at all.

Will the jelly beans translate easily to a watermark?