I was published and didn't even know it!

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I was published and didn't even know it!

I know I haven't had much time to post here ... I actually have a bunch of photos I want to share, and I do want to comment on a lot of threads. I hope to get to that in the next couple of days. I have to catch up on some editing first (along with laundry, cleaning, taking care of the kids (all home from school today and tomorrow due to snow), cooking, etc), but then I promise I'll be back. Meanwhile, sharing what I just posted on my blog cause I think it's so cool! Of course, I'm looking at the photo, totally cringing at the post processing. I did this a long time ago, this was one of my portfolio building sessions, my first ever maternity.


I entered a photo contest a while back for SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). While I didn't win, I did sign a release with my submission so that my photograph could be used in any of their publications. To my surprise, the photo was published in their 2011 calendar! My friend brought me the calendar last night, and that was how I found out that it had been printed.

I think it's so cool!


I love seeing the caption and my name in print!

I really need to get more copies of this, would love to give one to the mom featured here (this was during a maternity shoot)

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That's awesome, Gwen!!! Congrats! Smile

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What a great surprise!! Smile

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That's so awesome, Gwen!!

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WTG Gwen! I think it's amazing and I would LOOOVVVEEE to see my name in print so I can imagine your excitement!

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That's amazing, congrats!

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oh, that is AWESOME!!!! WTG Gwen!!!


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wow Gwen! Smile that's awesome!!! Way to go! For an entire month people get to see that lovely photo of yours Biggrin

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That's really neat. You must have been so surprised! It looks great!

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Wow and big congrats! What a wonderful surprise Biggrin

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Congrats! That's a great surprise!

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That is awesome! Congrats!

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thanks girls! I haven't heard from the mom yet when I wrote her to tell her about it. Hope she thinks it's cool too. Smile

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Big congrats to you!

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Oh WAY cool!

Congrats Biggrin

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VERY cool Gwen! Congrats! Isn't that twice now you've had a picture published??

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"jamie81" wrote:

VERY cool Gwen! Congrats! Isn't that twice now you've had a picture published??

yes, it is. Smile I was just showing Natalie the other picture today (Jack's photo is in the newest version of Good Night Sleep Tight)

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Ok, that's pretty darn awesome!