I really need help on an edit

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I really need help on an edit

I decided to have a little play with my wireless remote (I've had it since mid June and haven't really tried it). Once one child got involved, they all wanted a go and who am I to argue Biggrin

I would like them as a set, but ds2's colouring is making things difficult for me. My kids are all pale, but he takes the biscuit. It seems everything I try makes him look grey

Here's my edit

SOOC (which I uploaded LARGE for anyone who wants to play - Please play!)
SOOC of 2

Here's the shots of the other 2 - I think I will re-try the one with ds1



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Love these!! I'm going to have to see if DD will let me do something similar. I have no pics of she and I together.

The one of you and your youngest DS is awesome!

I suck at color and skin tones, other wise I'd have a go...

The SOOC looks slightly blue/green to me and then your edit looks a tad to red in your face.

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Kerry, look at you! You're so pretty!!! I love that you're doing these with your kids. The batteries in my remote died and I haven't been able to find replacements (granted, I only went to one store so far). I think your WB is off. In this situation with the different skin tones, your best bet is do to custom WB in camera. Not sure if you have a card to do that with though. That would be a big step in getting the right colors. I'm seeing a lot of magenta in these pictures, especially in your skin. What are you using to adjust the colors?

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Awww, thanks ladies!

Gwen, I am a bad girl and shot these with AWB. I could kick myself, I should have set it to cloudy or flash so that they all at least had the same WB. The one thing I don't own is a grey card, so can't do CWB yet.

I mostly use CS5. I tried all sort in ACR for the WB, and nothing looked quite right. I use a seperate layer and adjust the colour balance for colour. I don't mess around with it too much as I'm not calibrated anyway, so I could be making it worse, kwim?

I read a blog post a few weeks back (Stacie Turner) about how WE must make sure we get some shots of us AND our kids. It struck a chord with me as I am usually behind the camera. I want my kids to have some shots of us together to look back on. In the past I have done this with a cable release and a 10 second timer, but the wireless remote made this simple (so long as it can be cropped out or hidden, lol!). Plus the boys were more willing to sit for the camera as I gave them all turns at shooting themselves with the remote. It's the simple things! Sure, I filled up a card of lots of silly, chopped or OOF shots, but they had a blast, it engaged them and I got some shots I love! I totally recommend it!