I registered for a class!!

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I registered for a class!!

I'm so excited! Today, I registered for a 5-week photography class at our local community college! It starts Sept. 13 and will be every Monday from 6:30 until 8:30. It's been so long since I've done something all for me! Here's the course description:

Photography: The Basics
Learn to freeze motion in an action photo, show the movement of water over a waterfall, take creative family photos rather than snapshots. Begin with the basics: camera handling and exposure, then move onto principles of composition, lighting, and use of basic filters. Film or digital cameras are welcomed, but must be able to manually manipulate aperture and shutter speed. Please bring your camera and manual to class.

I really hope this helps me improve. Wish me luck!

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How cool!! I hope you have a blast and learn tons. Just make sure you share any great tips or insight with us Wink

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Have an AMAZING time! I hope you learn tons and I agree, don't forget to share what you learn! Biggrin Yay for you doing something for yourself!