I went outside CC please

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I went outside CC please


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Looks like your edit brightened things up and then increased the saturation. I like the more vibrant feel of the edit, but it looks a bit too yellow for me.

I like the composition of the shot. And if that is how she smiles, then I see no problem with capturing her like that. Smile I do wish her toes hadn't been cut off. And you might try to clone out (or use the healing brush to fix) the bit of dirt on her knee.

TFS! You are growing so fast! WTG!


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I agree with the above poster but also feel that is a bit too bright. Especially on her white leggings.

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Apart from looking al ittle yellow and the dirty knee I think you have done awesome!

You are going so well


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I like it, but it's a tad bright and maybe take the saturation down just ever so slightly.