I'm getting a new lens on friday

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I'm getting a new lens on friday

I ended up going to one of our local 'chain' stores and getting finance, after crying a lot about losing my lens I figured I was going to get a new one soon so I upped the anti and have ordered the tamron 18 - 270mm.
Its really the ONLY thing I have in my life that gives me a sense of creating something beautiful.
Plus it is my only hobby, I don't drink, or smoke(yuck), we dont go out partying or to clubs, Hubby has his music and posters so we just bit the bullet and went for it.

Oh and on an even happier note, I heard from my sister and she thinks my nephew Seth will be born soon, so I'll get to practice on a newborn YAY!

Thanks again for your kind thoughts and just for being so nice!


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Yay! Glad you are getting your new lens! Especially in time to take pics of that beautiful baby coming soon! I hope you love your new lens! Cant wait to see some images from you!

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yay! good for you. Does this mean your camera is working now? I thought you said it might be broken too? Or did you fix the problem? Smile

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WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I'm so glad you took the plunge on this Caz ... I'd really miss seeing your lovely shots and now you'll be ready for that baby!!!


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You totlaly deserve some good in your life C! Congrats on the new lens and the new practice subject. Wink

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Oh Cazz I am so happy for you! I bet you just cant wait for the lens and for the baby! Smile Yay! I can't wait to see your baby practice Smile

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That's great news!!

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hooray for a new lens!

and I can't wait to see the newborn pictures ... I love new babies, so precious. Smile

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Awesome! Can't wait to see pics from it.

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UGH, is it friday yet!!!!! I can't believe how much I miss being able to pick up the camera and shoot at any time I like.

In 24 hours I'm getting my new lens! woo hoo!

Loida - I am still unsure if my camera is damaged. I will have to wait till my lens is on.

I have taken a few shots without a lens and uploaded them and they seem to upload okay. I guess I'll know soon. In any case I still have to get it serviced anyway!

Thanks Girls I luv ya all!!

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YAY! I am so happy for you! I was thinking about you this week, wondering how you were. Glad you are getting a new one!