I'm gonna do it- Going Pro (eventually)
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Thread: I'm gonna do it- Going Pro (eventually)

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    Default I'm gonna do it- Going Pro (eventually)

    I've been talking to my husband a lot these past few days and doing more research. I swear I'm always researching. I posted a while back that I was struggling with how to make the leap in the pro-direction seeing as how I know I still have a lot to learn and need more experience. But it's something that I have become very passionate about and know I want to pursue.

    I have created myself a business plan. I want to focus on maternity, newborns and babies-- up until the 1st year cake smash. Over the next few months I am going to go ahead and start setting up my business the right way-- tax ID, business license, etc. I've already decided on my pricing structure for both portfolio building and after. Come the first of the year I am going to begin marketing for portfolio building, but will also have my "regular pricing" out in the public eye from the get go.

    I feel that I've grown so much already. With the chance at a little more practice, and some equipment upgrades I think I will improve 10 fold. I know that a better camera doesn't make a better photographer, but I do feel like I'm limited by what I do have. For one, with shooting indoors I will be working in low-light conditions frequently. The ability to up my ISO without adding as much noise to the image is a plus. For two, I will be able to get a level of sharpness I'm just not able to currently.

    I know I'm still a far cry from the super pros, but I do feel like I am worth more than say-- a JCP photographer. And I have my own experience to demonstrate this. Case in point: Here is a picture we had taken of Aiden at JCP. (Grandted he was almost 2 months at the time and not a very sleepy baby) It's a long story, but let's just say the experience was not a wonderful one. I ended up spending over $200 when it was all said and done so that I could have the digital images (So I could later attempt to edit some of them.....)


    Here are two pictures I took in May of my friend's baby. I see lots of room for improvement, but I believe the quality is better than what I received. (And I wonder what kind of pp I could achieve now after having learned more about PS..)



    And just imagine what I'll be able to do after being able to practice with my own LO.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share. I'm very excited.

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    Good for you, Danielle, that's very exciting!

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    Such exciting news! Just offer yourself up as much as you can for skill building sessions, and continue to post for CC. I will try to get over here more often to offer advice! Good luck!
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    Good to hear you have a plan, sounds like you know what you are doing, just make sure you put in the time to practice, practice, practice.

    * Amanda *

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    YAY for a plan! Wishing you the best of luck!
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