I'm Still Alive & Back with a Share (pic heavy)

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I'm Still Alive & Back with a Share (pic heavy)

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been very active on the board lately. I've been suffering from a severe lack of creativity but have finally pep-talked myself into getting behind the camera and shooting.

I'm also having problems with my autofocus. At first I thought it was me, but it's happening with several of my lenses. I'm probably going to have my camera looked at soon.

Anyway, I thought I'd share these shots from last weekend's visit to the U.S. Botanical Garden and from my trip to Denmark and Germany in November. I don't think any of these are my best work, but I'm happy with most of them. Please feel free to comment!

The obligatory shot of the Brandenburg Gate. It truly is stunning at night. I didn't really edit this pic.

A view from Museum Island, Berlin. What an awesome city!

Tram tracks. Only fired off a couple of shots--traffic light was ready to change green!

Old structure in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (northern Germany). I visited several of the little hamlets and towns my great-great-great grandparents emigrated from. It's a beautiful place!

Headstones from the cemetery at the Tarnow church

Church door handle my great-great grandparents probably used on Sundays

DH standing against a wall in Berlin (not THE wall)

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

The huge bridge connecting the islands of Denmark. It was expensive, too; crossing cost $40!

Relief carving above restaurant door in Nyhavn

The beautiful Tivoli park, Copenhagen

Botanical Garden macro

Orchid from Botanical Garden

It feels good to post again! I promise to come back more often!

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Oh my goodness! I don't know where to begin! There are so many wonderful shots.

That must have been some trip! I can't pick a favorite. Every time I do another catches my eye. Smile

Great looks from the Botanical Garden as well!

Glad to have you back!


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Love the macro shots and the first shot! Smile Looks like a great trip Smile

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hey I've been to Copenhagen! Smile Nice city! And awesome shots you got there! Very pretty.

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Great shots!! They're all beautiful!

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Welcome back! Awesome pictures!

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I'm really loving the tram tracks and the orchid. Beautiful colors!

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LOVE the macro shot! Great job! Looks like fun!

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Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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very nice. Glad you are back

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Janet! that looks like such an awesome trip!!!! how long were you there? I've been to Germany, but never to Denmark. Denmark looks lovely. and $40 to cross a bridge, wow! that was a neat bridge picture.

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"coolmama72" wrote:

Janet! that looks like such an awesome trip!!!! how long were you there? I've been to Germany, but never to Denmark. Denmark looks lovely. and $40 to cross a bridge, wow! that was a neat bridge picture.

For the most part, it was a great trip. Denmark and northern Germany are both very beautiful. Denmark is super expensive (even more so than London), so we had to watch our dollars. We flew into Copenhagen, spent a couple of days there, and then rented a car and drove to Berlin. The drive was quite pretty--Tyler enjoyed seeing the wind turbines everywhere. The only hitch was that it gets dark by about 4:30 at that time of year.

I've been researching my family history for many years and, right before going on the trip, ordered microfilm church records from the little town in Germany my great-great grandparents were from. We visited this town and the other little villages nearby where my ancestors lived. Luckily, I arrived at the little church at the same time the caretaker was there. He showed me the sanctuary and the altar and let me wander through the cemetery. It was amazing! I just wish I had had more time to explore. I also wish I'd taken more than a year of German in college!

The downside was that Tyler got sick and spiked a fever during our ride to Germany. It was night time when the fever got high, and it was impossible to find any medicine (it's sold only at pharmacies, not at groceries or convenience stores). We ended up taking him to the hospital in Lubeck (a lovely, lovely town). The medical staff was great. They checked him out and were able to give us some medicine to use until we could get to the pharmacy.

The next day, Tyler was feeling somewhat better (fever down), so we stopped in Wismar. We went to the town square, where we had lunch in a popular restaurant. The lovely, timbered building was from the 14th century. I wanted to try authentic Mecklenburg cuisine, so I got the duck. It was delicious... and HUGE! I'll look for the pic of the meal and post it.

Tyler was completely better by the time we got to Berlin. I LOVE that city! We strolled through the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas market) near Museum Island and looked at the handicrafts. We visited Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, the East Side Museum (the longest stretch of the Berlin Wall remaining), and the German History and Pergamon Museums. Along the way, we met some very nice people.

On the drive back to Copenhagen, we got caught in a big snowstorm. I wish we would have taken the ferry back, because driving late at night through the snow really wore me out. Also, I started getting sick on the way back and spent the last day puking Sad Nevertheless, we had a good trip, and I'd love to go back some day.

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Sounds like an amazing trip rich in history!!! Love the photos and glad Tylor got better quickly.

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