Impromptu Pics - 10 months old

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Impromptu Pics - 10 months old

My little boy turned 10 months on the 13th and I've yet to do his pics! The neighbor asked me to take a headshot so while I was over there and Cole was playing I snapped these

Any CC Welcome!

settings - 1.8/ 340/ 200



I was battling red - is the color ok?

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Adorable! I love the eyes and the clarity. The overall color looks almost lavender to me though.

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They are truly beautiful! Maybe a touch cool...but the clarity, focus, and composition is wonderful.

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Love the sharp eyes! Great job!

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I also think they're a tad cool, but they're very clear! Those eyes are just gorgeous!

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Thanks ladies!! I think I screwed up my cwb on my camera....and tried to fix in ACR by must need to go a bit warmer...

Here is another one of his buddy lives next door and is only 3 weeks younger. They are good buddies! (same settings)



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I totally agree with the others- great clarity, crip and great comp! Just a tad bit cool imo. I like warmer photos though.

ETA- I am jealous you get that great of eye contact. Randy (17 mo) says "geez" but looks away as soon as he does it! UGH!

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lol on the eye contact Sadie! I just showed the 1 of 6 that they were looking....

fp_002 fp_001

I warmed the ones of Cole up and they look much better! Thanks for the extra eyes everyone Smile

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Yup, what they said! I love #2 Smile

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oh awesome! very clear and focus is great! a tad cool but they look great.

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I can't believe how awesome your focus looks at f/1.8! What lens are you using b/c you NAILED IT here!?

The first one seems slightly darker than the 2nd. I like them both though. His eyes feel like they're speaking to me directly from the frame. Biggrin

I don't see any color issues, personally, but take that w/ a grain of salt as I am uncalibrated here at work.

Oh ... and his buddy is quite the little cutie too!


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Thank you everyone! I'm flattered and feel so good about where my photography has been heading. It's been neat to watch me grow over the last year taking pictures of Cole.

Gigi - Just my handy nifty-fifty was my lens. Out of the two (50 and 35) it had the better bokah so I went with it. One of these days, I am going to get an 85 1.4 or a 24-70 2.8...decisions decisions


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Beautiful! What gorgeous eyes he has!!