This is insane!

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This is insane!

We got an external hard drive to back everything up, and its crazy how long it says its going to take! Last night, when we started, it was up to 35 DAYS! It's been going all night and now it's down to 7 days lol! I'll be interested to see just how long it's going to take...

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well good for you for atleast doing it. I tried but it took so long I gave up lol. Hope it won't really take 7 days!

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LOL, that's funny! But I suppose it depends on how much you're backing up all at once.

My DH is quite a computer guy and is in the process of building us two new computers (home use, and a home theatre PC), and one of his things is trying to improve processing/transfer times in these situations. It's crazy how long it can take, though!

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Yikes!! I can just imagine! I hope to be doing that at some point soon too though lol

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That is a long time Smile What back up drive did you choose?

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We got the 2tb Time Capsule.

There is a lot to backup immediately, so I'm sure that's the issue. It's amazing how much there is to transfer!

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Wow! That *does* seem rather long! You'll have to keep us posted on how long it actually takes.