Intro and a few pics for CC

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Intro and a few pics for CC

Hiya.. I'm Kelly mom to Owen 3 and Everly 9Mo
I took a 4 hour class to learn manual mode.. Oh boy I feel overwhelmed.. basically I am just trying to figure out what shutter speed and Ap go together and stuff. I am really really novice and have been shooting in Auto up until 3 days ago.

My son .. this has no editing done.
ISO 200 F/5.6 Shutter 1/1000

My Daughter was in the shade so I decided to adjust WB to shade.. I think I should have left it on AWB Smile

ISO 400 F/10.0 Shutter 1/40

here it is in B/W which I think is much better

from today.. just playing around at lunch.. I am not trying to get keeper pictures more just trying to figure out what is normal.

I think the ISO is too high on these .. I see "noise"

ISO 800 F/6.3 Shutter 1/30

ISO 800 F/6.3 Shutter 1/40

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Hi Kelly! Good for you for jumping in and trying Manual! It's a learning curve, but it'll start to become second nature after a while. I know exactly what you mean about not necessarily wanting "keeper" pictures, just wanting some with good exposure while you're sorting things out. You'll get the hang of it! Definitely post here for CC and you'll get some great suggestions from these ladies.

Focus looks off in the first one. He probably was booking it down the slide, so with a low AP, you didn't get as much in focus. I would suggest an AP of around 7-11 the next time and see what that gives you Smile

The next ones look like the shutter speed was too low for no flash, and being hand held, because they're not very crisp. It's so hard for me to get good indoor shots without a flash, so I understand why it was so low. If you could, you could lower your AP some more to let a little more light in so you could raise your shutter speed.

Keep it up! And you have two adorable little ones, BTW! Definitely great models!

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Hi Kelly!!!

I'm a lurker too...said hi in Candace's intro post. I guess I might come out of lurkdom (again) soon. lol.

I can't CC since I don't know any more than you do. But you do have some beautiful subject matter!!

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Hi Jord!
you should come out of lurk mode I have seen recent pictures and you are good!

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Hi and welcome! I commend you for diving right can be overwhelming, that's for sure. Take a look at some of the tutorials in the sticky post, they offer lots of valuable info.

I am a complete novice as well, and I also have young children (I have an Owen too, he's 8 months old!) want to keep that shutter speed at 1/150 or faster with kids, which means indoors you either need to open your aperture, increase your ISO, or use flash (eek) to get a sharp image.

Your kids are adorable! Keep posting, it's the best way to learn!

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Hi Kelly [and Jordan! :wavehello:] --

Looking forward to learning with you!