Intro....Hello. :)

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Intro....Hello. :)

Hello, my name is Liz (I think i see at least 2 mommas here whom I know HI!). I am wanting to get into photography. I don't have a fancy camera. It's a Fuji Film Z30 (or80 i can't remember and I don't want to go get it lol). It has manual settings, but i know nothing about that!

I'm a beginner and I can't wait to start posting and getting some C&C. Here are a few of my kiddos. Smile Eli (3) Charlotte "Charlie" 3.5months.

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Hi Liz, welcome! I'm still a newbie as well so no CCing from me, cute kiddos! Looking forward to seeing more Smile

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what cute kids!! Biggrin glad you decided to join us! just jump right on in with anything. C&C is also sometimes about people opinions on photos, etc. Smile no experience necessary. I started out with a simple point and shoot camera. And I actually still use it! (my two siggy pics). Quite often actually. The trick is natural light. Smile Can't wait to see more of your pictures!

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Hello and welcome!

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:wavehello: Liz! Glad you are joining us! I've missed you!

I'll cc your pics, but you can ignore everything I have to say! Biggrin I'm still a total newbie. I do want to add that I started out with a p&s, but I never did as well as you did!

1. shutter speed is too slow here. It's not sharp. She's still cute though!
2 & 3. a bit too flashy. (I'll post more about that down below!)
4. LOVE this one. Did you use an action or something. You did good!
5. great focus point. Love how my eyes go straight to him! Well done!
6. this one doesn't do much for me b/c he's not looking at the camera (I know, HARD to do!) and it's hard to see what he's looking at.

You are doing great Liz! I wanted to second the natural light deal. I only tried my photography with my p&s outside b/c I struggled with flash. In fact, I don't have any special flash for my DSLR, so I still do photography outside. Get outside and practice. It's so much fun, and you are doing great!

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Nice to meet you and welcome! You've got some adorable kids and can't wait to see what else you have to share! (Also, my DD has the same outfit as your DD in the first pic. LOVE IT!! Lol )

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Hi LIZ:) I am also too new for ccing as you can tell from my other post. Maybe we can learn toghther Smile Charlotte is getting so big what a sweetheart!

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Hi Liz! I doubt you'll remember me from the scrapping board (I'm just too much of a lurker there), but I remember you. Smile

Both kiddos are cuter than ever, but growing WAY too fast.

My favorite shot is #5. I have a thing for the leaves. Smile You did a great job of composition and focus here! The colors look amazing too!

I can't wait to see more from you!