Introduction & a few pics to CC

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Introduction & a few pics to CC

Hey ladies! Well, I'm not actually new to P.O. but I haven't posted for so long I had to create a new account.

My name is Andie and I am a SAHM. I have three children - Morgan (8), Drew Diablo & Owen (4). I used to post here under the October 2001 forum (no longer here) and a few others. I know that Gwen & GiGi post here & we were all on the same board together so they can vouch for me. LOL!

I have been struck with the photography bug. I've always been interested in it but it's only recently that I've decided to really start working on it and trying to actually use my SLR on a setting other than automatic. To that end I have also recently upgraded my camera as the one I was using was very outdated. I just got my Canon 7D this week!!! Yes, it's way more camera that I know how to use right now but that just gives me room to grow, right?

So, I thought I'd jump right in with some photos to share & get your feedback on.

Unedited version of this photo...

Edited version:

Just cropped a little, no other editing done to this photo:

I used PSE6.0 for editing although I'm not real proficient in it & basically use a few actions that I have downloaded. I want to improve in this area as well...

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Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new toy. I would start with reading your manual and the sticky tutorial here. As far as CC, here it is:

1. The vignette is a bit too heavy for my taste. The focus fell on his sweater, his face is OOF, also, it looks like you have several blown spots.

2. It looks underexposed. Also, the little boy in the background is a bit distracting. You can try cloning him out.

3. You chopped off his foot. One thing I learned is not to crop on the limb. His knees look blown. I would do a color pop, to get that red brick background to make him stand out.

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Hi! Welcome (back).

Pros: Love the location. The bench is great! And he's adorable.
Cons: Focus fell on his sweater.
Vignette too much for me.
He's dead center.
Too bright (red channel is clipping), not sure if that was in pp or shot that way.

What to do? - next time, drop your ISO to 100 for a better exposure. I would also like to see him in a different color sweater. Blue or some color that isn't like the bench. Have him sit sideways and wrap his arms around his legs. Read up on the rule of thirds to avoid putting him in the center.

Pros: I like the fence, try shooting down it next time.
Cons: Feels more like a snapshot to me. PPing is too dark.

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:wavehello: Glad you are joining us! Glad you got a new toy! I can't cc your photos b/c my only net access is here at work, and I can't see photobucket pics. Sad I just wanted to say hello though and I am glad you are joining us!

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Hi and welcome! Yay for the new camera and trying it out!

I'm fairly new so you can ignore my thoughts if you want lol.

I love the location in #1 too. It's true his sweater is more focused than his face but it's not bad, in fact I've seen some pro shots with this outcome and no one has said anything.... Smile

For #2 I would brighten instead of darken. And try to crop out/clone out the other boy with maybe a right-side cropoff (and a little of the left too) so that your subject is in the left third of the final photo. If that makes sense.

In #3 I like the brick color & sweater color together! A tad too bright & centered but those might be easy fixes! Smile

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hey Andie!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to get used to the new username. Wink I'm so glad you're jumping in. Smile

I really don't have anything to add to the CC above. I noticed the lack of sharpness in the faces on all three - where are you aiming the focus points?

Get Scott Kelby's book for editing using PSE, it's an AWESOME book and the tips will really help you learn the software. his books have been my bible in that regard. Smile

can't wait to see more from you!

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how great to see you posting here! I can't believe how big your guys are getting. *sigh*

These photos are a WONDERFUL start with your new camera. You've always had a great eye for composition and this new camera will help you take the rest of your skills to the next level. Smile

My favorites from this set are the first and last. I like that coffee shop action and I think you've used it well here. this one definitely feels print worth to me. Smile

My other fave is the last one. I just love the expression you caught here. It's a shame the feet are cut off. You might try a slightly tighter crop about mid way up the shin to lesson the feel of it. This one also seems to have quite a bit of yellow in it - probably a cast from the railing on the right (his left). If you could bring that down a bit, I think it would make this one pop a bit more.

I'm looking forward to see a lot more from you!

Take care,