Its been a while 5 for CC plz

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Its been a while 5 for CC plz

I know its been a while.....I been busy with my kids
This is a friend of mine daughter who turn 12

Olivia 12th bday 044_filtered

Olivia 12th bday 042_filtered

Olivia 12th bday 045_filtered

Olivia 12th bday 019_filtered

Olivia 12th bday 004_filtered

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Hey Cassandra! Glad to see you posting again!
1) doesn't do anything for me. The eyes closed makes it look like an out-take, but that might just be me.
2) I am glad to see light in her eyes. Not sure on the comp. I feel like she might be falling into the water. Is this an in camera crop?
3) REALLY like the angle. The white in her dress is blown though.
4) Great comp, just wish she had a more real looking smile! Hard on girls that age though!

Way to get out there. I long for the beach......

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Agree with the PP about #1.
I think #2 is sweet. I wish her hand were not cut off at the bottom, though. Also, while I like the white color combination in the photos with the dress, in this photo the ribbon blends in too much with the water. I suggest editing the color in the ribbon or the water so that there is more contrast. The ribbon contrasts better in #3, but the eye contact isn't as nice as in #2.

I really like the angle/composition of #4. Her face and neck seems a little too dark, but it's still a nice photo!

You're a brave woman to shoot portraits on a sunny day at the beach with the subject wearing white. Biggrin My pics would have probably all turned out dark gray!

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I agree about #1 I think the ones with her eyes open are nicer. The light looks really nice in #2 & 3 Nice eyes. Smile I think composition is the nicest in #4, but you've got some shadows on her eyes. Full sun can be really difficult! What a lovely model she is. Smile

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Thanks for all the feed back and more is welcome

Mom Absolutely Loves them all

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12 year olds are HARD (my niece is 12 and I know what you're working with). They want to look older, but you don't want to make them look TOO much older!!!

But I think you're off to a good start here.

1. I agree w/ pp. The closed eyes just don't work great here.

2. LOVE the eye contact here (she has really pretty eyes). Focus looks good, but the white flower seems a bit blown on her head.

3. Despite the fact that she's not looking directly at the camera, I like this one. Her smile seems so natural and she just looks like she's having fun.

4. This is probably my favorite of the set. Yes, the dress is slightly blown, but she looks like she could be the cover girl for some kind of travel agency or something. I even like the angle a lot (& I'm not usually a fan of angles). Nice work!

5. The sun seems to be making her squint just a little here and you can't see those gorgeous eyes as well. You might also try to deepen the color of the water. Still a nice shot!

It's good to see you posting again! Can't wait to see what comes next.


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picture #4 can i get some ideas on edits to get the shadow out her eyes

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I really like #2 and #4!

What editing program do you use? You could select the under-eye area and try a curves or maybe use the lighten tool....

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hey Cassandra! I've been really busy too and have been slacking on this forum.

the second shot is great! the first one looks like an outtake to me (I think someone else said that too). you are working with crazy bright light, and so the fourth one looks really harsh and her white dress is totally blown. but I like the angle on it. the last one is nice in terms of composition, but the sun is in her eyes, and so she's not happy and you can tell.

glad you're still taking pictures! what are you using to edit?

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i haven't been here in months! I honestly don't remember anymore lol but these pictures are great! Smile You have improved so much since the last time I was here. good job!