it's been a while

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it's been a while

Feeling a bit like I am starting over. I haven't done any photo shoots this year and I am feeling a bit discouraged. Any tips on these two?


DSC_1212_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


DSC_1167_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Sadie, #1 is stunning. Love the colour, light and awesome focus!

#2 looks like there is a bit too much shadow over Mum's face. Is this an in camera focus crop or cropped in pp? If pp, I'd like to see their whole hands in, especially as they are holding hands Smile

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Love #1!! Great color, focus, and bokeh/compression!

Lighting is off in #2, as daughter has direct sunlight and mom doesn't. Not a dealbreaker for them, I'm sure, and they probably won't even notice it as they're so adorable it's hard to look past Smile I too, wish there was a little bit more room in the frame.

I would have never known you were out of practice! These are lovely!

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Thank you ladies! The lighting in #1 was my fave. The place we went to I have used numerous times but this time the grass was so high I struggled finding good spots. Anyways, here is a different one of #2. Yes, it's in camera crop- UGH! But I like the way the girls head is closer to moms but what do you think? This one or the original? I dodged Mom's face to make it look more even.

DSC_1165_web2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

And here's another one

DSC_1242_b&w_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Between those 2, I prefer the first one. I think the positioning trumps the finger chop. Smile

Like pp, I think you've done a GREAT job here! #1 looks fantastic - focus, color ... EVERYTHING looks great and I know Mom especially is going to love these!

The b&w is great too!


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That's how I felt too. I just wasn't sure. Yes, I am kicking myself for chopping the fingers off though.....

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I agree with all the comments, and just have to add that #1 is absolutely gorgeous! Really love the colour, light, catchlights in her beautiful eyes... wonderful work!!

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These are gorgeous Sadie - I will have to come back to CC as the colors in my monitor is funky. But I love #1.