It's finally starting to pay off

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It's finally starting to pay off

All that hard work. Last year at this time I was just thinking of opening a studio. I struggled with getting my name out there on a zero budget. And now the calls are starting to come on their own. It's such a gratifying feeling. Over the past two days, I got a call to do product photography (eyeglasses for a new wholesaler), a pre-Bar Mitzvah family session and a request to donate a gift certificate to a local fundraiser (one of the biggest here in town, HUGE advertising exposure). These are three big tickets in 2 days. I constantly worry about not getting enough clients, especially in the winter, and this makes me feel like it'll hopefully be ok.

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CONGRATS!!!!! You *so* deserve it! You have put in a lot of work and you can tell by the consistenly superb images you produce!!!

Enjoy this time. It's truly special.

Again, I can't say how happy I am for you.

Take care,

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Congrats sweetie! That is fab! I am so happy for you! That drive is what keeps people going! You def Deserve it as GiGi said! Smile Congrats hun!

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Yahoo That's GREAT news! Congrats and I hope things continue to go well for you!

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that is awesome! good for you!!!

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That is fantastic news, congrats and enjoy!

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Thats awesome, congrats!

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That's because you rock!

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That is SO awesome! It must be such a great feeling to see how far you've come!! WTG!

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Thanx everyone. You're all making me blush. Biggrin

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that's awesome!!!

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Great to hear! Congrats!

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So happy to hear that!

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