It's me AGAIN!

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It's me AGAIN!

I feel so silly for the number of times that I've joined this board, and then stopped posting, and then joined, and then stopped posting again. My reasons for stepping back into the shadows were always something like "Well, I don't know how to CC.." or "My photos aren't nearly up to par."

But I am bound and determined to learn now. I lurk at ILP, too, but I'm staying in the shadows over there... that place scares me. ROFL

Anyway, I'm Brandi. I have owned my dinky little XTi for 2 years now, and have had a slooooow process in learning everything, and still have quite a ways to go. I have the nifty fifty lens, a 70-300mm, and the Tamron 28-75 2.8 on the way. (Should be there tomorrow!) Smile I also have an AB800, but am trying to learn to use natural light more often.

I am married to Travis, who's in the Air Force, and I have two (beautiful) little girls, Madelyn, almost 3, and Scarlet, almost 6 months.

So there. I'm diving in again, and hopefully I won't convince myself that I'm not good enough again.

Hmm.... here's a recent shot of my oldest just for fun... Despite her facial expression, she does enjoy being my little model most days.

(This looks slightly over sharpened here... I'll have to learn the amount of sharpening for web.. it seems different to me on Flickr, even.)

There, I redid it and did a quick texture on the wall. Is that what you meant, Kelly? Or did you mean something with more color? And thanks for the advice already! I can see already that I will learn so much from you all! Smile


Oh, and also.. I'm not *YET* callibrated, so bear with me!

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Hi again Brandi!

I agree that she looks a bit over sharpened here, but she is too cute. I love kids that "put up" with moms and dads snapping pics of them. You can totally tell the child of a photography lover! Wink I looked at the pics in flickr, I think the focus looks good and you have a blank canvas to work with! The wall is screaming for texture...It was fun doing it on Matty's pic. :Whistle:

Can't wait to see more.

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LOL I lurk here all the time and have not been brave enough to post one single photo yet because I just don't think that I am anywhere near as good as the ladies here.
One day I might just post one...

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Welcome - your daughters are adorable!
I actually love her expression in the photo. It does look oversharpened, but I'm the wrong one to ask as far as what the right amount is for web. I can't seem to get it right either!
One other thing. I know it's hard with kids, but try to pull her away from the wall a bit to avoid the shadows... focus looks great~!

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Hi Brandi! I always feel like I'm not as good as the other ladies on here, and I can't give good CC, so don't worry, your not the only one.:D And it looks like your already quite good! Your daughter is adorable in that pic too!

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Welcome Back

Your girls are lovely.

Don't be scared about posting your photos for CC because that is how you learn. Other people see your photos in a totally different way than you do, expecially when the models are your kiddo's

As for giving CC.... I just started out by saying how much I liked a photo and what I liked about it but the more CC you get the more you feel like you can give because you learn to spot those different things that you don't see.... I hope this makes sense I just got up after a late night at Alice Cooper Biggrin



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Hi Smile You have a cute little girl. It's good you're diving back in, these ladies really are great and there's always someone to helo if you have a question. It will be worth the bravery to stick around!

ETA: LOL @ the I'll-tolerate-you look!

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I don't feel like I have enough credit to give cc, but I think that's a great photo. Gotta love the expression you caught!