it's so painful to see!

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it's so painful to see!

So you guys will understand! My DH's aunt wanted family pictures of everyone since they haven't had them done in FOREVER. If i wanted to be In the pics, i couldn't be taking them. Sooooo his aunt booked us at JCP studio. OUCH. It wasn't my thing though so i went along with it. Whatever...not my money or pictures. Well she was smart enough to just buy the CD and give fit to me to edit and print from but oof! It's just so bad. Shoulders cropped, out of focus, people not looking at the camera! When you have a group of 9 people...take more than 3 photos to choose from! There will always be someone blinking or something. I just had to vent! Smile

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I hate that it didn't go well at all. I mean, I do treasure my JC Penny shots of Ruthie (pre- DSLR) but I also know I love the ones I took as well.

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EEEKkkk! Lol! It's funny how we see everything differently after we get into photography!

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I feel you, I've had experience with a bad photographer (in fact I still don't have Natalie's class photo from them), I will just chalk it up to a lesson learned, not paying my money to that person again.

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That's why I stopped buying Logan's school picture (I only get the class photo now). I was so fed up with paying for such low quality. Beee

I hope you managed to get something workable out of the disk.


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I took Tyler to JCP when he was 9 months old and was fortunate to get a good photographer. I tried again when he was about 2, and it was nearly impossible because he's so hyper. I'd like to have his photos made by a professional photographer with a home studio, mainly to see how s/he sets up lighting and works.

I'll bet JCP charged a sitting fee for the extra bodies. If so, the aunt should complain that enough time wasn't taken to get the shots right.