I've decided I want a wide-angle lens..

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I've decided I want a wide-angle lens..

but not sure which to get. My home is not very roomy and I feel like I never have enough room for the kind of pictures I want with my 50mm/1.8. So, I'd like one that is good for indoors/low light situations but also for outdoors/scenery and group photos.

I was looking at the Tamron 28-75/2.8 and also the 35mm/2 or the 28mm/1.8. These are all within my price range. Any other suggesstions or which lenses I should be looking at? Which one would you suggest and why?

Thanks in advance. And hopefully I won't be asking any more lens questions for awhile. Smile

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I'm in a similar situation, although I don't yet have the 50mm, I was thinking of getting it....our house is small too, and not enough light. I'd like to hear the responses too Smile

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I can't suggest one over another, I only have a 35mm and love it! But, I've heard good things about the Tamron too, and probably will get one eventually.

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I just sold my Tamron lens. It was a really good lens. But I have replaced it with a 16-35mm L and this lens rocks. But the Tamron was a really versatile lens and I think you'll like it.