I've missed ya'll!!!

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I've missed ya'll!!!

but I'm back again!

And I promise that I won't go off and be all MIA again for some time. Okay, well maybe a little this weekend, but that's about it. Wink

I am very very thankful that that wonderful momma I met while shopping, has come back for more pictures and in addition to that, 2 of my dear friends have also entered the relm of 30+ weeks so honestly I've spend most of my time editing and less time chatting. Kevin says I have a low attention span. Wink

Oh, and I ran a month long VBS for our church so to say the least, I am DRAINED! But I have chatted with a few of ya'll on the phone and that has gotten me threw. Smile

I see a ton of new faces which is AWESOME! YAY for that. I need to go and catch up on threads.

I'm heading to Abilene to see my cousins today, but while I'm there, they are having me take family pics which is pretty darn cool. :woohoo: Since I haven't seen them in forever. I hope I do an okay job on them. Hmmm...what else is new???

I am actively training now for my next race which is a half marathon in October and then another in San Antonio in November...Amber, you want to join me? The Rock n' Roll Half is going to be a ton of fun by tha Alamo!!!

Ohhh!!! I had my first BIG picture ordered and I couldn't be more thrilled. I ordered a 20x24 of this with the linen texture on it for my dear friends and it looks beautiful in their deep blue dining room area:

That's about it on me. I miss you guys terribly and feel my work suffers when I don't have you talented ladies to bounce ideas off of. So I also just wanted to say thank you all for everything and for your talents. I appreciate them more than you know.

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Hiya Kelly, we've missed you too! Though I've been equally MIA. I'm behind in editing, cleaning, you name it, so it's hard to keep up with all the posts!

LOVE the big print, I'm sure that looks gorgeous in their living room. How exciting!

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Welcome back, Kelly! I've been in lurk mode myself for the last 2 weeks due to work and family issues (my mom has been in and out of the hospital in prep for surgery later this month).

I *LOVE* that shot and I bet it looks amazing in their deep blue dining room!

I thought of you the other day when I managed to drag myself out of bed for a 5:30am run w/ the dog - too hot to run any other time. I know you'll do great and that SA 1/2 is supposed to be a lot of fun - my boss and his wife run it every year.

Again, welcome back!


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KELLY! So glad to see you back here, missed you here more than you know. As I told you on FB, I love that photo! (It's the same one, right?) That's awesome that she ordered it so big. Have fun with your cousins. And you're superwoman with your running. I wish I could run, but my knees hurt for DAYS afterwards, so I don't. It's not worth the agony.

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Welcome back Kelly! That picture is STUNNING!

HAHAHA about joining you for the half, I'm so out of shape that it's ridiculous. I need to get my butt in gear and get out running more. It's so hot here in the Summer that it's just too easy for me to make excuses.

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AWESOME pic kel, I love it. Congrats! Great feeling isn't it! We've missed you too! SOOOO much!