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James' Cake Smash Share

This was my first (and probably my LAST) cake smash session. We had fun because it was my son and there was no pressure, but I was SO out of my element here.

I set up the backdrop in the garage for some open shade. The light was good, but it was difficult to keep James on the paper because he was so interested in what was going on outside the garage. It would have been easier to keep him interested in the cake if we were in a place he is overly familiar with. Sadly, there just isn't good enough light anywhere in my house for a session like this, so the garage was the only good choice.

I picked up some balloons thinking it would add some interest to the photos. It did, but it also made the photos a million times more difficult to edit. Mostly because they caused some serious shadows that were hard to fix because it is hard to edit around the ribbons.

All in all, I'm pleased. I know they are loaded with mistakes, but they are just for me. If I ever did another cake smash (which I seriously doubt will happen) I'll know lots of ways to improve it.

Here's the storyboard from our session. There are tons of other cute ones that could have easily gone on the story board, but I kinda threw it together quickly.

James Cake Smash Storyboard WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

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I LOVE them. Smile

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I never would have known you had a hard time or were out of your element! They're wonderful! I can't believe that kid is 1 already!

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They're really fantastic, Amber!

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I think these are precious!

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I think these look fantastic. Well done

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They all look great! I wouldn't have known you had a hard time getting him to sit still Smile

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Very cute!

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Awww, I love it!! I hear you on how HARD it can be to photograph though. I did one for my youngest 3 years ago and have NEVER done one since, lol! James is so cute!

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Cute and I love the vibrant color combo! oh and I LOVE how the whole cake and plate went upside down at one point lol

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Very cute, I think everyone will adore them.

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Amber I LOVE these!!!