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Took a few family shots the other day--the girl who took them for us is not professional, so these are not perfect..but it's the first shot of all 5 of us together! Does the side lighting bother you? I had no idea my hair and the side of DH's face were so blown like that until we got home and I looked thru them. I had wanted to position ourselves with the sun directly behind, and thought that's what we were doing! Oh well!

Anyway, I've had a heck of a time with color on this one, so PLEASE point out anything you see!

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cute pic of you guys. It's always hard to find someone you can trust to take your own pic huh? We had some done but haven't seen them yet! eek! It does look a little blown and 'light'...if you don't mind me playing with it I took down the exposure and upped the contrast a little....??
oh and warmed it up some too....

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What a great family photo! I'm hoping that we got some nice ones like this yesterday at my mini session with a local photographer Smile

I think that the color is a little off, and yes, the side of your head, and his face are a bit blown, but I would still print this one out BIG if it were my family! I played around with it a little bit. I can take it down if you want. It's private on Flickr.

Not sure if it's what you're going for or not, but I brought it into ACR, decreased the exposure a bit and warmed it up. Then I took it into Photoshop. I did a hue/saturation layer, and played with the reds since your faces looked a little red after warming it up. I did about +3 on the hue, and -3 on the saturation. Then I did a levels layer and brought down the midtones a bit.

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The photo looks really bright and cool.

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What a lovely photo! I know how hard it is to get 5 people all looking decent as my little family is 5 as well, lol! I agree with El that it is a bit bright and needs warming. I like Becca's edit but wouldn't have as much contrast.