JMK 2 year shoot

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JMK 2 year shoot

These are a month late, but we've been dealing with horrible weather, and then of course, as the weather finally gets better, she fell and scraped up her nose and lips terribly. So..without further ado, here are a few pictures we managed to squeak out last night. Let me tell you, getting a 2 year old to cooperate with a giant balloon is HARD!!! Also, the last two were super hazy SOOC, so let me know if I've added enough contrast back in, or if there's anything else you would do to PP it correctly. Thanks!





5 She'd had enough by this point. Smile

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These are wonderful! #1 and #4 are my favorites. Perfect treatment to the hazy photos. So sweet.

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Oh, LOVE 2, 3, & 4!!! She is gorgeous! Love the processing on the last two!

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These are so nice and clean. Love them Smile She is so cute too!

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great job!!! I love #4 & 5!!!

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5 is definitely my favorite that sassy look! I also love #4, it's just beautiful!
I think #1 is great, but the balloon touching her head bothers me a little tiny bit. Otherwise it's a nice one, too. #2 and #3 seem soft to me, but also are nice. Great job! It flies by, doesn't it?

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Those are beautiful, I don't know how you got a 2 year old to stay still, DD2 has been non-stop since she started walking.

#1 is definitely my favourite.

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I brought a bag of mini marshmallows along for bribery. Also, a couple of the pictures shown are actually semi-action pictures. I just let her play, and once in awhile, called her name, and she'd look at me for a few seconds. #2 she is actually walking towards me, although in this particular shot, it doesn't quite seem it. #3 she was playing in the weeds, and then stood up and gave me a smile. Believe me, I took hundreds of frames, and these and about 5 more are the only real keepers. 2 year olds are HARD! Smile

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Very nice. I find her skin a tad bright tho (specifically her arms).

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They're beautiful!! The tipping of #1 bothers me a bit, but otherwise beautiful. I really love love love #3 and 4.

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OMG, how did she get so big so fast??? I adore that giant balloon and from the shots you shared here, you'd never know you had to struggle to get these shots. Smile

1. PERFECTION!!! color, exposure, focus, composition. I can't find anything about which to nit pick even. WOW!

2. another killer shot. you MIGHT try a slightly tighter crop, but even that, I don't know. love that soft pink in among all that green.

3. this may be my favorite. I love the angle, the color. i love the warm yellow tones behind her. the grasses in front of her hands are only a tiny bit distracting, but that is some serious nit picking.

4. love the back lighting. the sun burst doesn't look like it quite worked out but this is still a wonderful shot.

5. LOVE her expression here. done or not, it's lovely. I would think this would have to be a canvas candidate. I like the haze. It just screams soft summer moment, to me.

TFS, Lisa. She's beautiful and is truly shows here.